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Gordon Byrd

Filmmaker, Storyteller,
Relentless Creative. 
I'm simply a creator when it comes down to it.
From my earliest memories I passed the time by diving in and making things with what was on hand. As I matured that turned into decades of inspired music and visual art. As soon as I picked up a camera I started getting regular work through those creative communities I was immersed in. I fell in love with developing that necessary balance of artistry, craftsmanship, and technical skill needed to make films worthy of an audience. It wasn't long after I began making music videos and filming concerts that my services became increasingly in demand for local business and nonprofit organizations​. It doesn't seem all that long ago, but when I add up the hundreds of finished client videos it does make sense: I've been growing this business full time since 2014.
Byrd Pictures has outgrown the home office and is now based out of a commercial photo/video studio in Lowertown St. Paul. It's the perfect place for meeting and editing with clients, filming professional interviews, product shots and more. I would love to invite you in by offering a free 1 hour planning consultation. After discussing your goals, opportunities, and our combined expertise, we will both have a clear idea of how to take your vision to the next level, and the first steps to get you on your way.
I look forward to the next mutual success, and hope to hear from you soon!
Basic Services

B A S I C   S E R V I C E S

Landing Page Videos

Byrd Pictures creates custom content for business of all sizes. You're in good hands, whether you need a simple video background that reinforces your brand, or an in-depth video built around narrative, voice over, and testimonials.

Social Media Campaign

Having that one explainer video is a must, but growing an engaged audience or customer base takes regular content. Think about how you could educate your customers, or bring in an expert to show your own leadership role in your field. We can produce short series of episodes that can resonate with your target audience, taking your brand to the next level.


Event Videography / Photography

Sometimes it's just important to capture a special day. Perhaps it's a conference, a performance, or something special for your family like a wedding. I can cater to your needs and wishes, delivering a snappy highlight edit, or an entire event in full.

Interviews/ Profiles

I have extensive experience filming and conducting  beautiful and rich sounding interviews, both on location and in controlled environments.


The most important stories are the hardest to tell. It takes equal parts planning, quiet presence, and an active eye to get the right footage and professional sound. It takes at least as much skill to know what to do with the pieces in the editing room. While the documentary approach to storytelling is no small feat, I bring an element of it to all projects, as it's perhaps the most rewarding storytelling of all.

Custom Editing/ Color/ and Digital Makeup

A long standing point of pride of mine is making the most of what there is to work with. I'll take on your raw footage and make it shine, clean up audio and make it sing, or put it all together and create a video that really says something.

Cameraman for Hire

We can be hired to bring up to three matching mirrorless cameras, portable lighting and sound equipment  for your specific needs. I'm willing to contract as a one-man-band, or bring in the right crew for a more dynamic and responsive production.

Composing/ Custom Soundtracks

There's almost nothing more cringe-worthy than stock music libraries. While more interesting music licensing companies are popping up all the time, I find it exciting and rewarding to apply my own skills when appropriate.


Software Proficiencies:

Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Audition, Davinci Resolve, Reaper, OBS Studio


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