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Reflections & Refraction: Hypnotized By Prisms (Pt.1)

Hello readers! This is just a quick first post/ introduction for my photo blog centered on analog filters and in-camera effects.

I've been working on photo & video content that I would want to see but can't find, namely content focused on prisms, multi-image effects, and other ways of manipulating images to get unique, psychedelic, and otherworldly effects without computers. This is my outlet for guides, reviews, and a general space to share my creative process, with the ultimate goal of connecting with like minded creative types and fostering a new community.

I realize this is a very specific niche, but there are surprising depths and possibilities to this form of content. Best of all is the very low barrier to entry if you are already using photo or video cameras.

Let's connect and inspire each other to make some truly mesmerizing imagery this year. I'll be doing my writing here & on publish0x, video content on a dedicated YouTube channel, and sharing photography @prismaticspraytan on Instagram for now.

I hope you join or follow this project, and please reach out if you've already been doing similar creative or abstract photo art!


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