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Website 3.0

I've been whittling away at an updated website and logo for what must be years now. Version 2.0 never saw the light of day (because Adobe abandoned the software I used) and I have to admit the wind took a while to refill my sails.. That still didn't excuse version 3.0 from taking another year.

The process was mired by my usual arch rivals, known as hesitation and scope creep, with a little technical difficulties for good measure. I think most of us understand hesitation, but scope creep (or feature creep) isn't quite in the collective modern lexicon. That is to say I take a big idea, and as I plan it out it just grows and grows. A project that should take a week, becomes more than a team can do in a year. Sometimes it's a dream so suddenly ambitious, that the revelation of the work involved to simply start feels like physical weight. It clogs the creative arteries of a single persons's abilities, and the risks of asking for help, especially paid hourly, justifies plenty of hesitation.

Am I still talking about building a website? Barely! The thing is, the creative process is not the problem for me, it's getting it out of my head, off the notebook page and into the world. It's that Memento tattoo I should have on my forearm, saying COMPROMISE as a constant reminder that things never ever turn out how we imagine they will. In fact I can almost count on the unknown to be the source of what I am proud of with a finished video or composition. or unplanned element actually. If I were editing a video where three people are saying an hour of catchy sound bites and interesting details, how would I get that down to two minutes? Well what is this supposed to communicate, and who hits those points the strongest? Then what couple of statements hit those points with not details, but with a humanity we can relate to. The compromise is that 28 minutes of technically interesting, or even touching commentary is not going to see the light of day, but we're left with compelling video is crafted that meets or exceeds expectations. For this relentless creative brain, there is suddenly room for the next project, for the next puzzle to solve.

In terms of this website I have a lot of ideas, and we serve a lot of different clients. I help families with projects that need very sensitive care, I create content for professional organizations and emerging artists at the same time. So what does that logo look like? When it's finally time to enhance my own image, it stalls out quickly because I have more creative dreams than three lifetimes could encompass. Despite my attempts to keep things doable, when struck with inspiration my ambition knee-jerks into an exponential upward arc. This is where my other Memento tattoo comes in. Just a large, no frills SIMPLIFY where I can always see it. I do this for clients daily, so after starting from scratch for a fourth time it finally dawned on me: I just have to treat myself like a client, and search for the heart of my message, who I'm trying to connect to, and make it snappy, make it pop. So for now, most of the ambition has to stay in the idea notebook, but it simply feels great. I get to finally roll out a new website, and image for my company. The best part is, if suddenly an idea seems important I can build it in. It doesn't have to be everything at once, all the time, just because that's how my brain likes to play.

This site will act as my mostly act as my portfolio. I mean really, that's all any video production company actually needs. I would also like to offer my expertise in an educational manner for both potential clients, and other creative types in the field of motion photography.


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